The Jakon Rate Center

The Jakon Rate Center for Shipibo-Konibo Cultural Studies

The Jakon Rate Center is a multigenerational Shipibo-Konibo association that focuses on creating spaces to actively practice, learn, and advance the application of Shipibo-Konibo ancestral worldview, wisdom, language, and customs. The Center is dedicated to helping new generations learn and practice the Shipibo-Konibo culture. As an official non-profit civil association dedicated to traditional indigenous education, the Center is creating a new vision for an Indigenous Shipibo-Konibo based education system.

The Center honors Manuela Mahua Ahuanari’s true name, Jakon Rate which means ‘A Life Giving Good shock.’ It will be a place of learning for both citizens of the Shipibo-Konibo and outsider allies.

The Jakon Rate Center is located 8km from the cities of Yarinachocha and Pucallpa. It is over 36 hectares of land that includes forest, farmland and flood plain. A permaculture design has been created that includes medicinal plants, fruit trees, and gardens. Construction of buildings are in process.

Shipibo Joi was instrumental in providing funds to procure the majority of the land for the Center.