Our History of Activities 2011- Present

Since Shipibo Joi’s inception in 2011, we have committed over $150,000.00 to numerous projects and volunteered countless hours. Our Amazon Awakening program has generated over $20,000 additional funds directly donated to programs administered by our ally Alianza Arkana.

2020 – present

FEDONADIC (Federation of Native Communities of the Calleria District) – Donated funds and consultation to initiate a sustainable medicine plant project beginning with propagating and planting 3,000 banisteriopsis caapi vine.

2020 – present

Jakon Rate – Donation for land acquisition for a newly formed, Shipibo Konibo driven, non profit with the goal of building a Shipibo Konibo cultural center.

2018 – present

Axenon Ikanwe – Shipibo Konibo led radio project. A radio program the reaches all of the Shipibo Konibo communities and is only spoken in Shipibo. Donation to Shipibo Konibo decolonized dictionary project and language promotion.


Shipibo Joi represented at the Arizona Plant Medicine Conference in Tuscan, AZ. Education and selling Shipibo artesania for Kene Nete, a Shipibo youth fashion project.

2017 – present

Shipibo Joi initiated the Amazon Awakening program, a 12 day Shipibo Konibo cultural immersion journey for international guests. This program has grown into a rich cultural experience to educate Westerners about the value of the Amazon jungle, the Shipibo Konibo culture and their traditional use of plants for healing. We hope that through education and creating relationships our international guests will become allies and advocates for the Amazon Jungle and her caregivers.

2011 – present

Maroti ShoboMaroti Shobo – A Shipibo Konibo run artisania market in Yarinacocha, Peru. Shipibo Joi has provided assistance to Maroti Shobo over the years. In 2011 Shipibo Joi assisted Maroti Shobo in acceptance into the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market. Shipibo Joi facilitated their participation and continued to work with members of Maroti Shobo by providing marketing workshops and donating a computer and camera towards this effort. Shipibo Joi also sold their work in Fair Trade shows in Cleveland, Ohio in 2013/14.

Shipibo Joi funded a much needed new roof for Maroti Shobo in 2014. Since 2018, Maroti Shobo has provided a traditional painting and dying workshop as part of our Amazon Awakening cultural immersion journey. This has become a meaningful venture for the members of Maroti Shobo to share their plant knowledge and artistic gifts.

2011 – present

Reading GlassesReading glasses – Over 400 pairs distributed to Shipibo Konibo communities.

2016 – 2019

Shipibo Konibo youth leadership workshops – Shipibo Joi donated funds for programs that support Shipibo Konibo youth programs, administered by Alianza Arkana.

2013 – 2018

Medical assistance – Shipibo Joi has provided a variety of medical assistance over many years from bringing a considerable amount of medical supplies for communities, midwifery supplies, supporting Shipibo nurses, the mobile health clinic, and health campaigns administered by Alianza Arkana.

2013 – 2015

Girls for the WorldGirls for the World – In collaboration with the non profit Girls for the World, Shipibo Joi sponsored and assisted in these 5 day workshops for adolescent girls in four different communities. Girls for the World continued to offer this program thereafter. The workshop goal is to build self confidence, self esteem, and leadership skills.

2011 – 2014

Midwifery classMidwife Initiative – After listening to the midwives from Shipibo communities Shipibo Joi began a series of workshops. Alianza Arkana, our Peruvian ally, assisted in organization and facilitation of these workshops. Shipibo midwives from 5 communities participated in our workshops to integrate traditional midwifery with contemporary knowledge.

2011 -2012

Coshikox – Completed community assessment grant project and donated over $1,000 for food flood relief.